Here are some of my favorite links. You can tell a lot about someone by where they spend their time on the net.

Alternews - I prefer to find my news from sites other than the usual. - Good site that is customizable for your needs - Nice alternative news site - A premier site for late breaking news - Great aggregate for science and technology news - The place to get humor and user submitted news articles
Travel - I'm a big travel buff. Most of my spare cash goes to my travel funds. And since it isn't a cheap hobby, here are some of my favorite sites for cheap travel: - Great cheap trips! - Checks multiple websites for reservations - Great trips to Europe - You have to download and install the program, but nothing beats its hotel searches - Worldwide trips that are surprisingly affordable
Cheap stuff - I am always on the lookout for bargains. Here are some of my most frequented sites:
DVD Price Search - Compares DVD prices from many sites
Price Watch - Compares Computer parts prices
Sales Circular - Great site for local advertised bargains
Price Grabber - A good bargain search page
Reference - Here are some great sites to find out just about anything!
MapQuest - Find out where you are and where you are going
Edmunds - Just how much is that car worth?
Black Book Online - Phone numbers to addresses and back again
Internet Movie Database - Ultimate movie guide