My Photo Gallery

Here are my gallerys. I am constantly trying to add photos from my old collections, but it is slow scanning in the pics. I am nothing more than a hobbyist photographer, but I keep striving for more. Click on the image to see all the pictures from that years album. Tell me if you see anything that peeks your interest!

2006 Pictures

This album is a work in progress as the year goes by!

2005 Pictures

Started my walkabouts in DC, photoblogging with my Treo, surprise visit to see my parents in Yellowstone, the Dulles Plane Pull and lots more

2004 Pictures

Lots of traveling this year. Reno for Nationals Bowling tourny, moved into my condo, trip out to OKC, visit from my friend Shjan and plenty more

2003 Pictures

Pictures from our big camping trip, Dragoncon, visit from my parents and my friend Karen, and many more!

2002 Pictures

It was a great year that I started off in Vegas for New Years and ended by moving to the DC area

2001 Pictures

This year I traveled quite a bit for the company, out to Washington DC to our HQ, to Tucson for work and pleasure and also got to visit my friends in San Francisco!

2000 Pictures

Good times this year. A company Christmas Party, the ABQ Balloon Festival, Tulsa Star Trek Expo and more.

1999 Pictures

It was a good year. My best friend Mike got married to a great lady, I visited the wonderful town of San Diego, enjoyed the Germanfest in OKC and had fun at the AOL OKC Frontier City party.

1998 Pictures

Just some photos from my birthday so far in this album

1990 Pictures

Here I have started my archive of old photos from by gone days.

1989 Pictures

Here are some pics from the time I moved to Pensacola and other events in 1989

1985 Pictures

Pictures from my high school years

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