New Years in Las Vegas

What a party in the biggest party city!

AOL Christmas Party 2003

Well corporate events finally came through and we all had a blast that evening.

Maryland Renaisance Festival 2003

One of the largest Ren Faires in the country. Very nice on this fall day...

Seattle 2003

Went to visit some of my favorite relatives in Seattle and had a few days to explore the area. Sure is nice.

Karen visits DC

My good friend Karen was kind enough to come out from Oklahoma to visit me this year. I tried to show her why I loved this area...

Baltimore Trip

We went to Baltimore for the comic convention and somehow I only got pictures of an old warship...

DragonCon 2003

Perhaps the largest Sci-Fi convention I have ever attended was in Atlanta this year. Can't wait for next years!

Camping at Big Meadows

Had a great time camping in the Shenandoah Mountains, even if it was to dang cold!

Wizard World Philadelphia

This was my first Wizard World and it was pretty fun, and luckily Philadelphia isn't very far away.

Parents come to town

My parents came out to visit for a couple of days while they were in the area. Wish the weather had been nicer...

Farpoint 2003

Farpoint is this great Sci-Fi con in Baltimore. As an added bonus this year, we got snowed in for 2 days and couldn't leave!