Photo Album - 2004

Nationals Bowling Tournament in Reno Nevada. All pics in this album were captured via the webcam in the building, by one of my employees back in Virginia.

The greatest Godson in the world, enjoying a day in the yard with his parents!

My trip to Reno was not just for bowling, but also to see an old friend Shjan. She lives in Sacramento and was kind enough to come and pick me up. We spent a couple of nice days together.

The Cherry Blossom Festival in DC is simply an amazing site to see. I really recommend that if you do come out to DC to come in April when the blossoms are at their peak. I spent the day wondering around DC with my good friends the Rittenhouses.

The new Air and Space Museum out by the Dulles Airport. This place is HUGE. It even has its own wing for the Space Shuttle by itself.

These are the pictures I took of my new home before I filled it up with all my clutter.

Harpers Ferry stands at the junction of 3 states and 2 rivers. Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland (where this pic was taken from) and the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers.

Me and some of the guys from work drove up to Baltimore for an Orioles game.

Wizard World Comic Con comes to Philly once a year. I kept pretty busy so there aren't many photos.

The Potomac Celtic Festival is a nice faire held just north of Leesburg in June. Lots of good music and dancing makes it a nice day in the sunshine.

Catoctin National Park is in Maryland. A lush wooded area with the Catoctin Falls bringing cool water to an otherwise hot day.

DragonCon is the premier east coast sci-fi convention. It's held in Atlanta and has about 32000 people show up from around the world each year. Me, Jim and Andy went this year and of course had a good time!

My friend Sammye was job hunting through Virginia, North and South Carolina for a week. I decided to tag along to check out the area.

What says more about fall than a giant corn maze. This one was HUGE and after it got dark I started to doubt our ability to find our way out. Luckily we did so before it started to rain.

The Maryland Reneisance Festival is held just east of DC each year and runs for almost 2 months. Lots of food, drink, and festive time was had by all!

This was my first trip out to the National Book Festival on the Washington mall. It was much larger than I expected and the lines were staggering.

I took a trip back to the old homestead to visit friends and family this fall.

Pandamonium is the OKC attempt to get back into the convention circuit, since SoonerCon shut down. It was a very relaxed afair with most people just sitting around chatting and drinking all weekend.

Some pics of my house around Christmas. This is a good way of seeing the clutter that develops over only 6 months!

My old friend Chris was being shipped overseas for a year. With this in mind I was able to con my friend Shjan into coming out for a visit.

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