Walking and Texting

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My grandmother taught me many lessons as a boy, number one was being polite to others. One of the things I have noticed over the years is many people have no clue about politeness and personal space. Like when I am walking down a sidewalk or a hallway other people will assume I will move out of their way. Its generally a mutual slight turn of the body to let each other go by. But some don’t even try to be polite.

Now out of instinct I normally turn my body, its kinda hardwired in, but every now and then I will see someone clearly walking on my side of the path and I just hold my ground. And trust me, most people do not like running into someone the size of Rhode Island. And one reason that I started being a little more…overt, is due to the texting while walking habit that has really caught on.

While there are some people that can text and walk or drive at the same time. Its not easy and its very rare that people can do both. Yet to many people get wrapped up in their own little text world to notice whats going on around them. These are the people that are mostly getting their geography lesson from me.

Here’s a good little video of a lady at the mall who was texting and walking…and found the mall fountain.

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