Your Handwriting a History

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I remember when I could write. Oh, I can still ‘write’…but I no longer have any skills of penmanship. When I was young I even practiced caligraphy with a fine pen and an ink well, I wasn’t to bad if I do say so myself. These days I am not sure if I remember which end of the pen goes into the well!

This image made me think of how bad my writing is these days…now I have something to blame!


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A Translation of British Law

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Boy, that title sounds heavy. So one of my favorite TV franchises is the Law & Order series. There was a time, about 10 years ago that I was watching marathons every night. Flipping between different channels for hours. Just couldn’t get enough.

Then, perhaps an over-saturation of shows or some change of schedule on my part, I just stopped. That is, until two years ago when I found that they had started up a British version of the show, Law & Order: UK. And it even had actors that I knew and liked, Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica), Ben Daniels (MI-5), and Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who)!

As I often find ways to catch British shows before they air in the US (they fell off of a truck…honest!) I have a bit of a jump on the rest of my friends. But now BBC America is airing the show and I can easily tell everyone to go watch it.

Of course, there are some translation issues for people not familiar with British law and more so their slang. So BBC America was kind enough to create this little video as a helpful guide. Enjoy!

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Three-Sheets TV Show picked up by Spike TV…WOOT!

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(2010 Drinking Made Easy Tour: Marc Ryan, Zane Lamprey, Myself and Steve McKenna)

It wasn’t very long ago that my friend Allison turned me on to this TV show called Three-Sheets. Problem was the show had been canceled after 3 seasons, but luckily all the episodes are available on for viewing.

The show is a travelogue, or perhaps an international pub crawl is more accurate, hosted by Zane Lamprey. He travels the world trying out local adult beverages, learning drinking games and the local hangover cure. If you like learning about local customs in remote lands and enjoy adult beverages, mainly beer, this show is yours!

But today I saw this press release that Spike TV has picked up the cancelled series. I can’t wait to start some watch parties once it returns!

Spike TV Acquires the Half-Hour Unscripted Travelogue Series, “Three Sheets”

NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2011 — Spike TV has acquired all 52 episodes of the globe-trotting television series “Three Sheets” which follows comedian Zane Lamprey as he embarks on a humorous trip around the world, indulging in the local drinking culture and customs. The series premieres on Spike TV Tuesday, February 8 at 10:30pm ET/PT and will air weekly in that timeslot.

In each episode, the gregarious Lamprey travels to a different locale to drink with the locals and learn about the culture, people and libations of the region, and then test the local hangover cure. Throughout his journey, Lamprey is joined by a cadre of recurring guests including “The Professor,” Steve McKenna, Logan “The Beer Hunter,” Jim The Cop, and of course, Pleepleus The Monkey.

With a league of dedicated fans, the series has gained a cult-like following after originally airing on MOJO.

Spike TV is available in 99.4 million homes and is a division of MTV Networks. A unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), MTV Networks is one of the world’s leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms. Spike TV’s Internet address is

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States known for their Food

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I love info-graphics and this map hits the spot. I grew up in Oklahoma and love my surrounding foods (according to the map)…but have never even heard of Jelly Pie (Arkansas). Is your state food fitting?


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Oh if I could only Bowl like this…

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The bowling shot you will want to see is at about the :52 second mark.


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You knead me…

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End of the World?! Not as I know it…

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What a wild and crazy time we live in. For the most part I am happy that this is the time I was born into, but somedays you just have to question when the people around you should (or shouldn’t) have been sprouted.

This post is all about the recent animal die offs around the world. Not an answer as to why, but perhaps some information that you can use to educate  yourself.

First a quick run down on whats been happening:

What When Where
100′s of Snapper 1/5/2011 New Zealand
Thousands of Fish 1/4/2011
50-100 Jackdaw Birds 1/4/2011 Skovde, Sweden
500+ Black Birds 1/3/2011 Pointe Coupee Parish, LA, USA
Dozens of Black Birds 1/3/2011 Gilbertsville, KY, USA
100,000 Drum Fish 1/3/2011 Northwest Arkansas, USA
Tens of Thousands of Fish 1/3/2011 Kent Island, MD, USA
700+ Doves 1/3/2011 Faenza, Italy
100 Tons of Fish 1/3/2011 Coast of Parana, Brazil
100′s of Fish 1/3/2011 Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Scores of Fish 1/3/2011 Peterborough, England
200 Birds 1/3/2011

Ore City, TX, USA

100′s of Fish 1/2/2011 Abergavenny, England
5000+ Black Birds 12/31/2010 Beebe, AR, USA
Dozens of Fish 12/29/2010 San Antonio River, TX, USA
70 Bats 12/28/2010 Tucson, AZ, USA
Scores of Fish 12/27/2010 Lake Azuei, Haiti
10 Tons of Fish 12/23/2010 South of Kawau Island
Various Fish 12/17/2010 Michigan City, IN, USA
Thousands of Fish 12/17/2010 Cebu, Philippines
Thousands of Fish 12/15/2010

WOW…that is a lot of animals in a short period of time. You can even view this on a handy Google Map if you like, with all the corresponding articles on the incidents.

So far none of the situations have any funny business behind them. The scientific and medical community has explanations for most of them. A lot seem to revolve around the colder winter we are experiencing. But some don’t even try to give a reasonable explanation, just a pat on our collective head and a ‘nothing to see here’ attitude.

But we also have respected prophets (who knew?) like Cindy Jacobs who is preaching that these sudden bird die offs stem from the President repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. In fact, her newest book also claims that the world is going to hell in a hand basket (my words) “From Pokemon cards and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to Marilyn Manson and psychic hot lines, this nation is under siege.” Also on the religion front, we have Pastor James Manning who speaks of the Apocalypse that is coming. After all, its in the Bible.

Also on the possibility list we have Saul Relative claiming that perhaps the birds ran into a UFO…perhaps it was cloaked. Or maybe its all BP’s fault for the deep oil drilling its been doing in the Gulf, which just so happens to coincide with the New Meridian fault line that runs through that area (MI, TN, KY, MS, IL, IN and AR). Perhaps its mass suicide, I am sure birds get depressed as well. And who knows, maybe its just the magnetic line of the Earth that is adjusting each year.

So there you go…believe in what you will as there are plenty of crack pot conspiracies and religious doom sayers out there. Me, I think its all related to the weather. Don’t scoff at Global Warming, those icebergs aren’t shrinking due to them wearing snuggies. Just don’t take the whole pill and believe its because of your car emissions either.

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Should Teachers friend their Students on Facebook?

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I am sure this will spike some debate as I do have quite a few friends that are teachers.

This week it was announced that the state of Virginia is considering banning their teachers from befriending their students on Facebook. It seems that this is inline with their “Guidelines for the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse in Virginia Public Schools.” So I guess being friends on Facebook breeds sex…maybe I am doing this Facebook thing wrong.

From my past experience as a manager I know it is a precarious balance when you ‘friend’ one of your employees. Not talking Facebook but just hanging out outside of work in general. I was able to do this with quite a few people and still maintain my objective viewpoint when review time came or when an issue with performance crept up. Even then I held some of my life in check around them. And here I was dealing with adults (well, physically anyway).

So what about teachers? Obviously you can forge bonds with a student, regardless of age. I can certainly remember some teachers that taught me far more than just what was covered in their class. Is it possible to be friends on Facebook? Especially when there are somethings you reveal on Facebook that you might not with everyone you meet in life.

Is it proper that the state, your employer, can prevent you from doing such a thing? It certainly makes it easier for a teacher to decline an invite without it being personal. But is it an invasion of your rights? And since it only deals with your current students, this really doesn’t stop anything as you can friend that 13 year old over the summer after they leave your class.

The state of Florida has a similar measure, and teachers have actually lost thier jobs for having students as friends. One of the letters included in the proposal from a parent states “I don’t
believe that a teacher should have that much time on their hands that they should be having a facebook relationship with a student.” I read that and almost laughed out loud at the audacity someone would have to dictate how much free time a teacher has.

Frankly I think Facebook should go back to its origins and prevent people younger than 18 from being on the site. I know they won’t because of ad revenues, but it certainly did make things easier in the past.

What do you think? Should there teachers have the ability to friend their students? Would it only lead to sexual deviancy?

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Childhood Vacines do NOT cause Autism…duh!

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"A child with autism (three years old) po...

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Every now and then my friends see me get a little upset over the actions of a celebrity voicing their opinion. I have always maintained that my opinion is mine alone and don’t feel the need to get on a soapbox and convince others that they are wrong. And we all know that I do not have the clout to turn others opinions…especially like the weak minded public that follow everything a celebrity says as gospel.

One of my biggest complaints has been against the Craptastic Duo of Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. They really went into media flurry overload several years ago about how Autism is caused (or at least potentially enhanced) by the common childhood vaccines that kids need to be healthy. And they didn’t just say something offhand on Oprah about it, they preached their crap every time they got on camera.

Thankfully, Jenny reversed her stance last year when it was found that her son did not actually have autism but rather a rare neurological disorder. Of course this came a little to late as the Center of Disease Control had already listed her as a public menace…and she split from her husband shortly afterward.

Now…the proof that many were bandying about has not only been proven incorrect…but its an outright fraud! Seems the not-so-good Dr. Andrew Wakefield made up all the science that he put into his paper linking vaccines to autism.

Is it to late? Well vaccination rates have plummeted and measel outbreaks are stronger than ever. You do the math! For my friends with kids, make sure they get the doctor recommended shots. It really does the world good when they are a little less of a plague bearer than they already are. <cough cough>

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Wake Up Maryland, no one uses the phone book anymore!

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a phone / telephone book / directory

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Sometimes I really worry about local government. In this case its the wise people in Maryland that are so out of the loop with what is going on in the world. Particularly how much people actually use the White Pages anymore.

Verizon, our local land line phone service, has finally come to the conclusion that no one uses the White Pages anymore. So to help with overhead, and prevent a few more thousand trees from being slaughtered, they have gone to an ‘Opt In’ plan for the phone book. The only way you will get a copy of the white pages now is if you call and request one. Sounds good to me!

And in 10 of the 12 states they requested this change it was granted. So far only Maryland has put up a fight with the phone carrier. In fact the Maryland Public Service Commission denied Verizon’s request stating they want proof that customers are using alternatives to paper phone books.

I am sure that Verizon will crunch some numbers and get the request approved, but if not then perhaps the good people of Maryland should start mailing the MPSC their white pages in a nice little protest.

Oh, and about those Yellow Pages you don’t use…well don’t expect that to change anytime soon. The phone company is still over charging the small business man for ad space that no one ever looks at…so they will be littering landfills like AOL CD’s for years to come.

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